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XF 1.2 Problem with links (password and registration)


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Since upgrading to 1.2, I have had a problem with links generated and sent via email.

This first came up with email confirmation on registration- folks starting sending me emails from the contact link stating that when they clicked on the link in their confirmation email, it would throw an error- "
  1. Physical Evaluation Board Forum - Error
The requested page could not be found."

Could not figure out the problem, so I disabled confirmation email requirement for new members.

Now, I am getting folks saying that their password reset emails are also not working- throwing up the same error- "Physical Evaluation Board Forum - Error
The requested page could not be found."

I do not know if this is related, but, my paypal donations block is not updating either. (Money is coming through paypal, but the block is not getting updated. I can live with this, just wondering if it might be related, if there is a cron job that is failing, or something else.

Site is at www.pebforum.com/site

File Health Check reads all expected files are present.

Any ideas or help would be great! Thanks in advance!


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BROGAN!!!!! You are the best- that sorted things straight away! (I think I ended up messing around with the url because of XenPorta.