Problem with links in testing environment


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I'm sure I've made some stupid newbie mistake here ... Anyone care to give some advice?

I've copied the database and all the XF files from the server to my Ubuntu laptop, configured Apache, edited /etc/hosts so that the domain name points to and so on. Basically attempted to set up a testing environment. Now, I actually thought this was already working before, but today I discovered there was a problem. Not sure if I've messed up something, or if this was a problem all along.

Symptoms: The board index comes up just fine, but whenever I click on a hyperlink such as "What's New" or "Members", which (I think) needs to be handled by index.php, i.e. the link as-is doesn't refer to an actual file, then I get an error:

Not Found

The requested URL /find-new/threads was not found on this server.

And the error.log file says:
[Fri Dec 28 22:17:41 2012] [error] [client] File does not exist: [ removed - too much info :) ]/public/forum/find-new

What does work is e.g. logging in to the Admin Control Panel. This hyperlink points to a real file though: admin.php.

I thought perhaps there was a problem with my .htaccess file since (if I understand correctly?) it's supposed to redirect various links to index.php, but the .htaccess file is identical to the one I have on the server ....

Any ideas?
A-ha! Somehow my Apache rewrite module wasn't enabled. I enabled it and things are working again! :)
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