XF 2.2 Problem with font colour in dark style


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My forum has light and dark styles.

If I post a fix then in light styles there is no problem, but in dark style there is a problem with the same font color:

- picture one is from a light style:

MiniToolbox in light style.png

Picture two is the same, but in dark style:

MiniToolbox in dark style.png

The problem that I have, is that I have no clue were to change color #0000FF = rgb(0,0,255).
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Since the user set a custom font color in the editor, you'll need some rather specific CSS to fix it.

.bbWrapper span[style*="color: #0000FF"] {
    color: #b5b5b5 !important;
Place this in your extra.less on your dark style.

You could alternatively put this into your dark style:

.message-body .bbWrapper a, .message-body .bbWrapper a * {
    color: #FFF !important;
.bbWrapper * {
    color: #b5b5b5 !important;

It'd change all the text in posts to the b5b5b5, then links to #FFF.

Or just edit the post and remove the color :D
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I feel so dumb!
I inspected my canned and found the culprit:

this is part of that canned:

A few years ago I myself made this canned and forget all about the output color.
It is my doing and has nothing to do with any color in XenForo.

I thank @Russ - you will understand that the problem is solved.[/COLOR]
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