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Cannot reproduce Problem when import smiles on ACP

Affected version
2.0 final


New member

When I export the smiles, in the XML file appears 'smilie_category id' , but when I want to import it again (obviously without deleting the category), by default, in the 'Smilie category' tab it appears in 'none', so they do not respect the category and I have to change the category manually, so I think that option does not work well, or maybe I do not know how to use it correctly.

This is a big problem to import large quantities of smiles, because I have to categorize them individually.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>



    <smilie_category id="3" title="Customs" display_order="10"/>



    <smilie smilie_category_id="3" title="Smile" display_order="10" display_in_editor="1">



      <sprite_params w="22" h="22" x="0" y="0" bs="100%"/>





    <smilie smilie_category_id="3" title="Wink" display_order="20" display_in_editor="1">



      <sprite_params w="22" h="22" x="0" y="-176" bs="100%"/>





I tried to reproduce the error and I could not reproduce it.

Thinking now, maybe it was because I exported smiles from the 'test forum' and imported them into 'live'.

It is possible that both forums had the same name of the category, but different ID, and that the error was that.

Trying it the way I thought possible, I can't reproduce it again.

I don't know what happened that day, but I tried all the possible ways to solve it and finally I had to do it one by one :cry:.

A pity that I did not save the XML files of that day.