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So yeah I am having an issue with addons. Sorry if this is in the wrong spot but my problem is with addons in general, not a particular release.

I tried updating an extension and I messed up the upgrade process so I uninstalled it and deleted the files from my server. When I reuploaded them and tried to reinstall I got the error:

The files associated with this add-on could not be found. Please upload them and try again.

I thought it was a problem with just that addon, but then I uninstalled another addon, removed the files from my server and replaced them with one that was a few versions ahead of it (which is why I didn't just upgrade). When I went to upload the XML I got the same error as I got before.

So the action that I did of uninstalling the addons and removing the files has prevented me from installing an updated version of those addons. I can't even install the same versions that I was using before. Can someone help me fix this?

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which addon ? (was the messed upgrade?)
When I reuploaded them and tried to reinstall I got the error....
Are the files in the right spot ? People get this wrong *alot*.

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Sounds like a problem with uploading the files. Maybe you uploaded them to the wrong location. Or maybe the files have incorrect permissions. I can take a look if you give me FTP and admin access.


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I'm telling you they are in the right spot. I can't give you FTP but I can show you here. They are going on the root of my forum, merging with the respective /library and /js files. The first one I removed was xenporta and the second one was tiagachat.

Error | Admin CP - EDF2: Electric Boogaloo_1326773167234.png

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Step (1): backup your database !!!

You could try manually deleting the addon entry (note that it is probably a good idea to backup your database prior to trying this - I have not tested this, nor am I fully aware whether this could cause other issues):
DELETE FROM xf_addon WHERE addon_id = 'EWRporta'