Problem mods being able to edit through permissions

So I have set up this Category called "Community Announcements" with sub-forums that all inherit from the category "Community Announcements".

I set up two administrators, I am the Super Administrator determined through the library/config file.

The point is that this forum can ony be used by Board Administrators to make posts and announcements, and only they are allowed to remove threads or edit posts.

When I set the Moderating group to 'Revoke' or 'Deny' editing other peoples posts and making threads, they can't make threads (so that part works), but they can still edit the posts of me(super administrator), and not the other administrator. (bug of some sorts?)

I tried getting rid of the super administrator status, and that didn't work or change anything either.
Well that was confusing to me: I tested out my moderator permissions, but because I actually was logged in as me, it showed up edit/delete on my posts, but doesn't mean that the moderator can do that per se.

This is pretty much fixed now!