XF 2.2 Is it possible to have members be able to edit thread if locked or unapproved?

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Hi everyone,

tl;dr: Is there an ability to lock a thread but still allow the author to edit the post? Because we are trying to encourage the member to edit their posts to get their post approved/unlocked.

  • We have a rule where when posting code you must use the BBCode </> formatting, so to try to combat this we had initially locked the thread then asked them to reformat their thread to comply with rules. However, I recently discovered that members are not able to edit the thread once locked.
Potential Workarounds
  • Unapproving the post allows the member to edit the post however they cannot access it once they leave the thread itself unless they have the direct link to the post. And there is no way to see the unapproved post unless they had moderator privileges.
Only members with the Lock / unlock threads permission can edit locked threads.
The only problem I see with that is the member just unlocking the thread after we specifically lock it. Unless it won't allow the member to perform these actions?

Now would it be possible to make member "own" threads appear to them as well if their post is unapproved? (I hope I explained that clearly)
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