MG 1.1 problem importing vB4 albums


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Hmm... a couple, possibly minor, issues.

1.) I have an album (associated with my personal account) that should have five images, but only shows one. Actually that album info says there are 5 (and I see all 5 in vB) but only one seems to have made it into XFMG. My other two albums (I never really used this feature beyond some testing on vB) have all their images. Via random checking of other users' albums, I haven't found any other albums missing images but I'm not sure. Any way to systematically check all albums have the number of images they report?

2.) None of the imported albums show a cover image. Any way to set each album to use one of its images as a cover image?

  1. This problem could happen if the original images could not be found, or if they were corrupt in some way. It can also happen if they were uploaded by users which no longer exist.
  2. You will need to run the various rebuilds in Admin CP > Applications > Gallery Rebuilds. Specifically the one you mention there would be the Rebuild Album Thumbnails rebuild.
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