XF 1.5 Options for Importing VB4 Albums when not using Xenforo Media Gallery?


We have a number of VB4 album images used in posts using the IMG tag. Previously I recall reading that when doing a VB4 import the albums would be converted to attachments when using the VB4 importer, but when looking again now it seems that this was for the now older and unofficial importer. Also I'm not totally clear what actually happens to them once they are imported using this method.

So, what options do I have for importing VB4 albums into Xenforo when you don't really need Xenforo Media Gallery to be installed? Can I use the official VB4 importer and then use unofficial one to import just the albums?

Or can you install XFMG, import the VB4 albums and then convert the images to attachements and remove XFMG?

Or is there something really easy and obvious that I'm totally missing?

Any ideas?
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Chris D

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The importer included with XFMG is the only way to import the content from the albums to XenForo.

I note your point about them being embedded using the IMG tag. This does mean that you might be able to use a third party add on (at least two exist IIRC) which can convert IMG tags into attachments embedded into the post.

If you were to run this, this would then allow you to remove the Gallery without affecting these posts which now contain the album images converted to post attachments.

I have no experience with the 3rd party importer. It might be something you want to try and it may be something that avoids you having to purchase the Gallery but we obviously can't provide support for that directly.


Thanks. I've already got the gallery, it's just the users on that particular forum don't need it. I'll just try the various options by doing some more test imports and see what happens.