XF 1.2 Probably a very simple question here..


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For some reason I can not seem to find the answer for this from any Google search for Xenforo Q&A's, perhaps it is not possible to do this on XF?

I have a forum section which is called 'Announcements'. I only want staff (certain user groups) to be able to post in that section and for regular members not to post new threads.

I went into the properties of the forum board however the only thing even remotely similar to what I am looking for is "Allow new messages to be posted in this forum" Y/N, however this disabled posting of new threads for all members.

Is there any way of doing this? I am sure XF has such a basic feature however I can not find it nor can I find it in any search. Thanks!


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Revoke the create new thread permissions on Registered and Allow it on the groups you want to post new threads.


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Thanks for the reply Jeremy. If I revoked all registered member from posting threads then they would not be able to post anywhere on the entire forum, I just wish to restrict them from posting in a single section.