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This is part useability bug/quirk, part feature request, so feel free to move the thread as necessary. But here's the basic scenario:

We have a node marked as private, which makes it disappear from the node tree. So we grant "can view node" to the registered usergroup so that they can see the node in the tree (and thus know that it exists), but can't see the content.

Later on, a user is granted access to that node. He posts some things. Then his access is revoked.

There's no permission for "can view own threads/posts", so when he clicks on the node, he only sees his own content, and doesn't understand what has gone wrong.

Really, it seems like the better solution would be to add a secondary permission/qualifier for "Private Node" to show the node in the node list regardless. That would fix the need to override the "can view node" permission on a usergroup basis, and I can't imagine a useful reason to have a "can view own threads/posts" permission.
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It not showing up is not related to it being a private node. It's simply how node permissions work. If you can't see a node, you won't know it exists.

You just want a general (per node) setting to control whether a node appears even without viewing permissions.
Correct, the "bug" aspect of it has more to do with a useability issue -- there was a permission added at one point for "view threads by others" which got about halfway to the root of the problem. But the users don't understand what's wrong when they open a node but only see their own content.

But that problem exists in the first place because there's no other way to let an unprivileged user know that a node exists without granting "View Node" to them to override the private node toggle.

I did look at how the node list is called last night, and this does seem more like a feature request than a bug in light of that. It would have to be a per-node setting (probably under/next to the private node toggle) to show the node in the node list regardless of view permissions, and then the node list fetching would have to be rewritten accordingly.
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