Private Forum showing to guests


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I have several sections on my forum which only display to specific usergroups which members are promoted to after X amount of posts. Previously guests were able to view the section and read the description which informed them of the requirements for the section. However when they clicked on it they would see no threads.

I realized these sections were being indexed in the sitemap and causing crawl errors because they weren't set to "Private Node", so I went and set them. However now, Guests can view the section and when they click on it they see thread titles. When you click on a thread title it tells them to log in.

I want it, the same as before, where a member clicks on the forum name and is shown no threads, or brought to the login screen. I have the permissions for the node set to Never for everything except "view Node". I have tried turning the private forum off, but it still has the same issue.

Please help!