XF 2.2 Guests are not able to click links

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I have a link in a post that members and guests have permission to view. When members click the link, it works perfectly. When guests click the link, it sends them to a login page with the error message "You must be logged-in to do that."

Meanwhile I have the same link posted on a standalone page on the site, and it works for members and guests (as expected).

Am I missing a guest permission somewhere?

[EDIT] Ok... strangely I have "View Attachments to Posts" set to "no" for guests. This shows thumbnails instead of the full images, and when a guest clicks on a thumbnail they are sent to the login screen in order to login to see the full image. However this is ALSO blocking links from working - in other words when someone clicks on the thumbnail that has a link, I would like the link to work (versus sending someone to a login page).

Any ideas for a workaround? [/EDIT]
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If guests don't have permission to view attachments and the attachment is wrapped in a URL then that is the current behaviour.

The URL will need to be decoupled from the attachment, or permission granted to the unregistered user group to view attachments.
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