XF 2.2 Attachments not showing to guests


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In user permissions, for "Unregistered/unconfirmed" I have "View attachments to posts" set to "Yes".

However, when I log out of the forums, I cannot see attachments which are used in user signatures, ie:

Could you please advise?
Signatures aren't shown to guests by default.

Options -> Search Engine Optimization -> Show signatures to guests

That's set to "Show signatures to guests".

The 2nd post in the thread has a signature with the broken attachments.

Did you upload the attachments to a public section of the forum (check for "View attachments to posts" in the node's permission)?

If it's private, you'll need to log in to view them.

The images are uploaded as normal attachments, then linked to in signatures.

If I've set user permissions to show signatures to guests. Surely I shouldn't need to set node permissions to allow attachment views in every public node??

EDIT: Oh, wait - they've been uploaded to a private node. I'll try making that public.
EDIT 2: That worked, thank you for the prompt. :)
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