Private forum persmissions - under user or node?


Formerly mugtree

This was set up for me by a developer so I am not 100% how it works. But I can create a private forum on our forum that only users I give (as the admin) permission to can see in the forum list and only they can use those forums.

I have set up a private forum node no problem. And I have a list of a few registered forum users I would like to give permission to. Do I do that on the users profile and if so where do you think that might be? Or do I do it on the node/forum settings and add in users that way?

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.


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Formerly mugtree

I have added a notice thanks.

And created a prefix that works.

Final thing is, can I set that prefix to all show? At the moment when creating a thread you have to choose it before you write the thread title. Can it be set to always show for the private forum?