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EDIT: Work has begun for my request, so further offers are not required. Thank you.

I am an administrator on a family-friendly forum that complements our Minecraft server. When our players agree to our terms, it is stated that private messages will be monitored. We require that parents sign up for any children under 13. We have children as young as 5 posting on our forums, and Internet safety is our top priority. We do not want any children sharing personal information on the Internet, and players that break this rule are immediately and permanently banned.

I am in need of a plugin that will allow anyone on our moderator team to view private conversations. The add-on needs to do the following:
  • Provide a new XenForo permission that allows a moderator to view all user's conversations.
  • Keep track of which conversations have already been reviewed by the moderator team.
  • If there are any conversations which have been sent but not reviewed yet, it should show a "Conversations #" alert in the admin alert bar at the top of the page (the same way it does Reports and Users awaiting approval, permission from the first bullet point required). Clicking this button should take you to a page which lists all conversations, which are paginated. The list should have the sender and receiver listed, which are linked to those user's profile pages, as well as the conversation message, and a checkmark indicating whether or not the message has been viewed by staff. If it has not been viewed by staff, there should be a button that a moderator clicks to mark the message as reviewed.
  • Under the "Moderator Tools" menu on each user's profile page, there should be a menu item labeled "View Conversations" that takes you to a page which shows all of the conversations that user has been added to. This option should only show for moderators with the XenForo permission noted in the first bullet point.
If you are an experienced XenForo developer and have any ideas that may work better for us than what I have outlined above, I am absolutely open to suggestions. I will gladly pay for this plugin to be created, but I am unsure what a reasonable price would be. Please be kind in your assessment and quote.

I do not have a specific timeframe when I need this plugin, but the sooner the better. I would appreciate it if you could provide support to us after delivery to ensure it's working as intended and is bug free. I would also be grateful if you open sourced the plugin after payment from us so that any family-friendly community may also use it free of charge, or if not open source, at least provided for free to anyone that wants it. Thank you.
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I would be willing to do this for you. Please start a conversation with me for a quote :)

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