1. Kruzya

    Fixed "Requested resource not found" and resource_state field

    If we're open any default XF code, we can see overriding $error text. For example, for threads, if user can't view thread (because "deleted"/"moderated"), he receives default error reason "The requested thread could not be found": In XFRM error text doesn't overriden if user can't view...
  2. C

    Add-on Private Conversation Monitoring Add-on

    EDIT: Work has begun for my request, so further offers are not required. Thank you. I am an administrator on a family-friendly forum that complements our Minecraft server. When our players agree to our terms, it is stated that private messages will be monitored. We require that parents sign...
  3. Freelancer

    Fixed Moderated Media Items should stay visible in grid for moderators

    I was surprised that deleted media items stay visible in the grid while moderated media items can only be seen in the moderation cue. It would be consistent to have XFMG items stay visible with a ".moderated" class the same way as RM items stay visible in the list to give moderators a better...
  4. electrogypsy

    XF 1.4 i have a user in moderation i can't remove?

    not sure how it happened, but one of the spam accounts that got created on my forum can't be deleted. it's in the moderated users list, but when i tick the reject radio button and click process users i get a 'The requested user could not be found.' error. it's just this one particular user, all...
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