XF 1.5 Private Category setup?


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What is the best way to setup a private category? i.e. a category holding many private forums.
In vb I could just set the top node to restrictive and then have the child nodes inherit this. But XF has private nodes. Do I need to set all nodes to private one by one? And then set permission for each node for each usergroup that should have access?


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Child nodes inherit permissions from the parent.

So assuming whomever has access to the private category should have access to all forums within it, just set the category as private.


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That is awesome! This will save a lot of time.

I assume it will also work for this setup:

- main restricted section (private node A)
- - staff zone (private node B)
- - - staff forum 1
- - - staff forum 2
- - - staff forum 3
- - premium user forums (private node C)
- - - premium forum 1
- - - premium forum 2
- - - premium forum 3

In the above scenario can I just mark A, B and C as private node and then give Allow permissions to staff groups for B and premium groups for C? And then their child nodes will automatically be only accessible to the correct groups?