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Price :(


I have tried the XenForo demo and I love it! Now I really want XenForo, but the only thing I don't like about it is the price...

Are there any special plans available that are cheaper than the cheapest XenForo download?



Well-known member
I'd have to say I don't like the price of XenForo either - it's too cheap!

Seriously, I was more than happy to pay for it at the current cost when I got it but having used it for over a year I have wondered if they could charge a iut more for it as it's better than competitors' software which is more expensive. I also think the $40 annual renewal (optional for updates and support) is a bargain too. :D

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
Here's a hint: If you want to start a community, start with MyBB. Then, if there is solid interest in your community, move to XenForo.
This for sure. I have 4 communities on myBB right now and 3 on XenForo. Only 2 of the 3 XenForo ones get much (and still little at that) traffic - they normally wouldn't justify the expenditure but they are my favorites so I wanted to treat them to the best.


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just get it man. it's awesome and the people here are seriously helpful as anything.

i ditched other paid scripts to come here. i lost money on those (phpfox and vb), but am finally happy with my numerous investments here.

i feel like if got here at just the right time.