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Since migrating to xenforo we get a lot more mobile users. One of the downsides of this is that they often post threads without a meaningful thread title. People are just to used to posting on social media where there are no thread titles.
The result is that forums and the 'new posts' function get become hard to use, because half the thread titles in there are meaningless.
We get a mass of titles like: 'need advise', 'help me', 'some questions', 'URGENT!!!', 'hi', 'yeah' 'wondering', etc, etc.

There are also words and phrases in thread titles or posts which indicate a possible rule breach. The member may not be aware of rules they are breaching and cause unnecessary work for the staff. It would be useful if members would get alerted in advance to review their content themselves.

To solve this I suggest the following functionality:
  • Let the admin define keywords and regex conditions. With options to set conditions per node and prefix. The conditions can apply to thread title, post content or both.
  • For each condition, let the admin define an error message text.
  • When the user posts a thread title or post text that meets the condition, then display the error message set by the admin.
With this flexible functionality, admins will be able to tailor specific messages to thread title issues and post content issues they encounter on their sites.
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