1. dieg0

    XF 2.2 Spam regex not working

    Hi guys, I'm getting a bunch of spam posts by new users. Some of these messages include links so I decided to give the spam regex admin.php?options/groups/spam/ a try so that users with less than X posts can't use links. With no success. At all. The last thing I've tried is @Mike 's regex...
  2. Dermot

    XF 2.1 Using Regex to block gmail spam accounts

    See a lot of the following types of accounts signing up, examples are below .. is using the registration regex below recommended. /(?:\.|\+.*)(?=.*?@gmail\.com)/gm ..and is it even...
  3. Earl

    XF 2.1 XenForo way to validate a simple custom <xf:form> ? (regex)

    I have a simple form like this in a default notification block {{ phrase('your_account_is_currently_awaiting_confirmation_confirmation_message_sent_to_x', {'phone': $}) }}<br /> <xf:form action="{{ link('canonical:account-confirmation/phone') }}" ajax="true" class="block">...
  4. David Hallam

    XF 2.1 Regex Query

    Hi all, Newbie here:p I have a custom field added onto the user registration. I need to ensure they add only a Surname, followed by a comma, a space - then another name, and another - upto 100 characters all on one line Example = Hallam, Wilson, Harris, Crowder, Lane, Crisp, Naylor, Downs...
  5. wmtech

    [WMTech] Post Guard Pro 1.0.4

    Description Post Guard Pro allows you to block invalid or disallowed content submissions using "Post Guards". If a user attempts to submit a prohibited form of content, it will fail and they will receive an error message that you specify for that post guard. Example uses include: Preventing...
  6. A

    XF 1.5 Spam Management - detecting gibberish

    We set moderation for the first 5 posts that contain spam words, including links. In general, it works very well. What we are seeing now is spammers who have worked this out, and so post gibberish for their first 5 posts, then post the advertising crap. Examples: I was wondering whether...
  7. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Prevent useless, unwanted or illegal thread titles and post content

    Since migrating to xenforo we get a lot more mobile users. One of the downsides of this is that they often post threads without a meaningful thread title. People are just to used to posting on social media where there are no thread titles. The result is that forums and the 'new posts' function...
  8. Fred.

    Regex to prevent url's in custom user fields

    Hi, I'm trying to prevent users / bots from entering url's or even better hidden url's in custom user fields, the solution is a regex. But I don't understand Regex, can someone help me with that? Thanks in advance :)
  9. Eoj Nawoh

    XF 1.5 Having Difficulty with BB Option Match Regular Expression

    Hello, Please forgive me if I'm missing something. I have made a custom BB Code that is supposed to only accept numbers. For instance, you'll put something like 1023982323 and it takes that number and uses it for a HTML class. Whoever, there seems to be an issue in that, I'm unable to get...

    XF 1.5 Regex expression Arabic letters

    Hello, I was trying to today to test the (User Name Match Regular Expression) option on XF. My forum is an Arabic one so I was trying to add a regex expression to allow the registration with Arabic letters only, I used the following: ^[\u0621-\u064A]+$ Ref...
  11. F

    XF 1.5 Regex for 'qoute' replacement HELP

    Hi I was migrating ubbthreads -> xenforo, But I used vbulletin impex as a bridge since there is no direct converter from ubb -> xenforo. Its done however need to convert bbcodes. Here is the bbcode qoute for ubb: <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By...
  12. Mr Lucky

    help with a currency regular expression please

    What I want is to match the value so a user must put in a currency symbol and amount I can do this with a specific currency, e.g. ^\£(\d{1,3}(\,\d{3})*|(\d+))(\.\d{2})?$ for £ However I want to allow $ and € as well (or ideally any currency symbol) Can someone please help with this? Thanks
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