XF 1.4 Prevent [ATTACH] and [MEDIA] from appearing


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How can I prevent [--ATTACH--] and [--MEDIA--] from appearing on social media and search engines?

Whenever we have a user share something, for example stumbleupon shown in the image below, the posts have the title and unfortunately add that attach/media tag.

I'd like to prevent those tags from appearing because its kinda ruining our chances of getting a click through or better ranks in the searches.

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Tracy Perry

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What exactly are you showing. Is that an add-on? Is it a custom template? Is it XenPorta? Just a photo with no reference to what is being used is not apt to get much response.


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This looks like an add-on's page, so it might have control over the, but we intentionally leave placeholders for "rich" content in the plaintext representation to maintain context. Changing this would require code changes.


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What you see in the picture is threads of ours that's posted on StumbleUpon. The same thing happens on other sites like Facebook and even in search engines. The threads get posted, but then they display that placeholder and it has a not so attractive look to it.

I think you could solve this by either

1. Give us the option to remove the placeholder and let us display the rich media. SE's and social sites would skip over the pictures/videos and display our text, but they wouldn't run into the text based placeholder first.

2. place an optional "thread description" field under the thread title box, which then becomes the meta description. If not filled in, then meta description for threads is pulled from the next option below.

3. get the meta description from the first 150 text characters that do not match the text placeholders, that way meta description field can be completed without including the placeholders.

Some of the social sites get info from the meta tags, but if there is none, then they use whatever text is in the content which often has your text placeholders.

I honestly don't like the placeholders. I want my rich content to appear everywhere possible, especially on examples like this and all the RSS feeds. My feeds used to get a LOT of clicks on my old system, but once I switched to XF, I noticed a huge decrease in clicks via Feedburner, mostly because my feeds now are just basic text and nothing pretty to look at.

I'd love to see this fixed as it would certainly increase everyones chances for click throughs in SE's and social sites.
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