Prevent threads from specific forums from appearing in new posts

Papa Z

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Is there a way to prevent posts from specific off-topic forums from showing up in new posts feed? I have a few older, formerly helpful members who at this point, provide no content of value and spend their entire day, nonstop replying to game threads. So much so, that the helpful content gets covered up and new members are becoming one post and done (usually a tech related question) never returning.
Thanks M@rc!

Another question:
For those dozen or so "formerly helpful members" , since their New Posts feed will no longer include the games threads content they live for, I need to figure out the best method for them to view new posts to those threads. One thought is if they "Watched" those threads, could they select the "Watched" section to moniter and respond to those threads?
There is also an option for a search forum that would show threads from specific nodes if that's what you are looking for. Or you can have them appear in a search forum based on other criterias. I used to have a tag at one point of time to push specific threads in a search forum.
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