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When Snog (@Ozzy47) was coding he did a once off add on for me to go with the his Donation System. This was the "User Upgrade Badges" and since the latest XF v2.2.13 release this has now stopped working. What this did was assign a badge to the upgraded usergroup that would then place a nice icon or badge under that users name in the postbits.

So what I am looking for is something that could take the place of this or a way to assign an icon to those upgraded usergroups.

Or someone that would be able to look at the add on Snog did for us and upgrade that so it works with this version of XF v2.2.13
We just have a badge connected to the usergroup they get added to when their user upgrade is active, and it works fine. When they expire, it auto removes them from the DONOR group that has the badge.

We do the same thing for banner advertisers, while their banner is active (via Siropu Ads Manager and a special 'advertiser is live group')
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