Premature end of script headers when installing


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Dear All,

I'm having same issue with the installation of XF on a Cpanel.
It's on a brand new 1.1.1 installation.
I've all requirements, log rotation enabled, disable suphp and so on.

A Premature end of script headers is still occuring in my error_log.

I've searched all over the internet and found some solutions, which didn't fix the issue. Here are them for the record :
- Enable the Apache log Rotation to avoid 2GB and more logs. Done, not fixing.
- Suphp may cause the issue. I've rebuild Apache without it. Not fixing.
- Checking permission. I've chmod everything as either 755 or 644. Not fixing.

Any help ?

Jake Bunce

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Are you using suhosin (hardened php)? If so then try reinstalling PHP without suhosin. If you have root access to your CPanel server then you can reinstall PHP in WHM.

That's my best guess.

Jake Bunce

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Also, when I attempt to run the script from the command line I get an immediate segmentation fault.

That may or may not be related to the first error. But it definitely looks like you are having PHP problems. If not suhosin then probably some other PHP extension. I would troubleshoot your PHP configuration by disabling "excess" extensions such as caches, accelerators, optimizers, hardeners, etc.

Chris D

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I don't understand why you're necro'ing a load of posts asking the same question.

Maybe PMs would be more appropriate for specific questions to specific people?