XF 2.1 Prefixes, Filters, how to configure?


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Hi, I was looking at this page here : https://xenforo.com/community/forums/bugs/?prefix_id=5

I noticed on the top left Prefix: Awaiting feedback" and on the top right Filters.



Could these features be used to create a page whose content would be created by filtering a specific keyword? I know there is an addon that is trying to provide a solution but I'd prefer using Xenforo's in-house features if possible.

The idea is to have threads about various music software (DAWs) grouped together, without having to create a specific forum about each one (there are quite a few). Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Am I asking my question clearly? Does it make sense? I'm trying to see if I can use the Xenforo features mentioned above to fill a need we have. Theme House has a plugin called [TH]Topics, but it look like it's inserting a number of labels on the page, so I'm exploring other avenues for now.