1. B

    Add-on Prefix-based News Ticker

    Hello, I would like to know if anyone knows of an add-on that offers me the following function: I'm looking for a news ticker, for example as a ticker (at the top or in the sidebar) which takes over the thread title with the prefix "News". Whenever a thread is created with the prefix "News", I...
  2. Oblivion Knight

    Prefix Description Styling 1.0.0

    Another incredibly simple add-on that injects the Prefix ID to the prefix description box, enabling you to style it on a per-prefix basis. After installing the add-on, you will need to add some code to the extra.less template similar to the below - or adjust it as you desire...
  3. A

    Fixed Prefixes Specified in RSS Feeds Broken

    This is the same bug report as this one I searched but didn't see any similar discussion but hope to hear from the XF team before open a ticket.
  4. Stuart Wright

    XF 2.2 No prefixes in the Implemented prefixes box for a suggestion forum

    I have set up an implemented prefix as well as the duplicate, not planned and lack of interest prefixes and set them to be usable in the new suggestions forum. But still there are no prefixes available in the Implemented or Closed prefixes boxes for the suggestions forum. What am I doing wrong...
  5. Sado Yasashii

    XF 2.2 Prefix - hide or move to the end of the title for RSS

    Hi everyone. Please, tell me. How can I hide prefix in rss? I want to use prefix, but I don't want rss to display them. How can I hide them? I need to remove the mention of the prefix in the headers. It spoils the whole publication... For example, I have the "Witcher 3" prefix and I need to...
  6. Sado Yasashii

    XF 2.2 Prefix - Tooltips

    Can you, please tell me, how to display tooltips for prefixes? I need a tooltip with a description of the prefix to pop up when users hover over the prefix. Is it possible? "Description" - still not clear where it is displayed... If you can, please give me a hint with this. "Prefix usage...
  7. Sado Yasashii

    XF 2.2 The prefix does not work on some browsers

    Good day. Found a problem that on Microsoft Edge, Opera and selectively on FireFox the prefix does not work. When hovering over them, the entire header is highlighted, in the code they are also ignored. Why, it is unclear. On the browser Google Chrome and at least on my FireFox everything is...
  8. eDaddi

    Lack of interest Prefix - Allow search engine indexing

    It would be sweet if the 'Allow search engine indexing' option was available to be set on a prefix basis.
  9. C

    Add-on Tag individual posts of a thread

    I've been looking for a long time for a way to tag or prefix individual posts in a thread. I currently have a forum where videos, pictures, wallpapers, etc. are posted in a thread. To make the whole thing a bit clearer for the user, I would like that at the beginning of the new post can be...
  10. Tamasita

    XF 2.2 Hide prefixes not used in "filters"

    Hello, is it possible to hide those prefixes in filters that are not used by any thread? Show only the ones that are used by at least one thread.
  11. A

    XF 2.1 Prefix node list

    Is there a way for the forum prefixes to be displayed on the node list home page as shown in the example?
  12. Dixie McCall

    Alternate word for "prefix"

    What would be another term to use for the word "prefix?" It seems as though the term "prefix" is not widely known among non forum admins. Would like to change this in my community but can't think of a good terms to use.
  13. WoodiE

    Add message on selected prefix on thread creation

    I'm looking for a developer who can create an add-on that will display an editable message based, per prefix at thread creation. For example, a user is about to create a new thread and selects a prefix (we'll say Tesla Model S) a message shows up between the Thread title input field and the...
  14. XDinc

    [XTR] Unlimited Prefix Styles 1.0.2

    This add-on allows you to create unlimited prefix styles and you may select them easily per each prefix. XenForo 2.2.x Compatibility Requires PHP 7.2+ Supports only XF 2.2.2+ Note: Please do not install the add-on, if you are using lower than XF 2.2.2. ACP Options Style Properties Thread...
  15. Will Franco

    Mass action: Apply thread prefix

    I want to apply a prefix to all the posts inside a forum. Select all, only grabs the threads on the current page. How do I do this? Many thanks
  16. M

    XF 2.1 Change the prefix location, possible?

    I'm pretty new to XenForo, just installed the script for the first time. I love it already. I would like to find out if its possible to change the prefix location. I would like to see the prefixes (i own the multi prefix addon) on the right side (under the title) next to creation time of the...
  17. XDinc

    Unmaintained [XTR] Question Nodes Prefix Manager 1.0.3

    Create your question nodes prefix like as, And select applicable question forums. Options Define prefix actions, Result; There are simple settings for the add-on, just install and set-up them. Now, enjoy it. You can select the prefix to adding automatically when post is marked as...
  18. swiftyste

    XF 2.1 Link Prefix To Custom Thread Field

    Hello, I'm looking into linking custom prefix to custom field that i have created, whats the easiest way in going about doing this? any help will be much appreciated.
  19. frm

    XF 2.1 List of custom prefix colors?

    I've made a couple myself, but I'd like to add a dozen or so more prefixes to my threads and other areas over time. It's not that I don't have time to do this, but, has anyone ever dropped a resource of multiple thread prefix styles that can be copied and pasted for pink, brown, fire red, etc...
  20. Phil_TubeBuddy

    XF 2.1 How do you remove prefixes from the latest post widget?

    We use prefixes on our forums, and we like them a lot! One place we don't want them is on our latest post widget? How would we remove them from here:
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