Prefix Styling Issues


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Noticed recently on my forum that my prefixes are displaying differently in the forum than in the ACP section.

For example, using an Orange prefix
It's picking a blue border from somewhere.

In the ACP, it's using the correct Orange border

I've found the css part in thread_prefixes.css and they are the incorrect value versions. I'm not sure why they are like this. The style is the default xenforo theme, that I ran through colourizeit.

.prefix a { color: inherit; }
.prefix.prefixPrimary    { color: @primaryMedium; background-color: @primaryLighterStill; border-color: @primaryLighterStill; }
.prefix.prefixSecondary  { color: @secondaryDark; background-color: @secondaryLighter; border-color: @secondaryLighter; }
.prefix.prefixRed        { color: white; background-color: red; border-color: #c19eb5; }
.prefix.prefixGreen      { color: white; background-color: green; border-color: green; }
.prefix.prefixOlive      { color: black; background-color: olive; border-color: olive; }
.prefix.prefixLightGreen { color: black; background-color: lightgreen; border-color: lightgreen; }
.prefix.prefixBlue      { color: white; background-color: blue; border-color: #a0a0e1; }
.prefix.prefixRoyalBlue  { color: white; background-color: royalblue; border-color: #a5a6a9;  }
.prefix.prefixSkyBlue    { color: black; background-color: skyblue; border-color: skyblue; }
.prefix.prefixGray      { color: black; background-color: gray; border-color: #AAA; }
.prefix.prefixSilver    { color: black; background-color: silver; border-color: silver; }
.prefix.prefixYellow    { color: black; background-color: yellow; border-color: #76545c; }
.prefix.prefixOrange    { color: black; background-color: orange; border-color: #1e09ce; }

I've tried to fix this with a TMS edit, but it's still using the incorrect border colors for some of the prefixes (red/blue/royalblue/yellow/orange)


Would I be OK editing the template directly, rather than trying to rely on TMS to fix this?
Never mind, managed to fix it. When looking in the template section, it was showing that this template has been edited for some reason, so I've reverted it, and it's all good now. Not sure what had edited it though to affect only a few of the prefixes?
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