Pre-sales questions


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By my own standards, my previous attempt at a forum was very successful so now I am looking at starting another on a different topic. I wanted to center more on discussion rather than swish features so i've been tinkering with Vanilla 2 but then I saw this which is a bit more advanced but very nice to use. I have some questions however...

Are there any server requirements other than what the checker checks for and MySQL 5.0+? I saw mentioned somewhere that APC is desireable, my host is not happy about installing this addon unfortunately. PHP memory limit?

Are there are screenshots anywhere of the Admin Panel? vBulletin was very harsh and i'm used to IPB so some screenies of the ACP here would be great.

Image Uploading - are images resized on the fly? Can the dpi be altered too? Some of my guys upload HUGE images at 300dpi, can XF resize to 800x600 @ 72dpi? What requirements are needed for resizing? GD library?

Subscriptions - My next project is subscription only, how will this integrate with XF?

Likewise with private communities, can I make my XF board fully private?

Bannercode integration. IPB had this neat feature where you can insert bannercode (like from OpenAds for example) globally, after the first post and so on, is there any such possibility here?

Wordpress - Is there a bridge between XF and WP?

RSS "import" - I need to import a couple of RSS feeds as new topics into the board, is this possible with XF?

Many thanks for your time!


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Furthermore, I want to preview some style availability prior to my purchase but I don't have any permissions to view the screenshots............bizarre.


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2. The images are not resized on the server-side. But when displaying in a post, the maximum width of an image won't exceed the width of your post. This is done client-side. Here's an example thread. Also, the DPI for an image shouldn't matter when displaying on a screen.

3. You can tie in your "full permission" usergroups to a paid subscription. This is well supported.

4. By private, if you mean guests can't access any content; then yes.

5. Advertising management is not built-in. But an addon has already been released:

6. Addons that integrate or provide a bridge with WordPress:

7. Yes, the ability to import RSS feeds is already included. (Since B6)


xenfans is offering a Testboard where you can take a look. Try to chat with Floris, he can give you better informations.


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Ok cool thanks for that, i've made my purchase anyway, this looks like a fine system.

just need to work out how to get at the styles, still no authorisation!


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just need to work out how to get at the styles, still no authorisation!
If you have your forum account linked with the license, then it's updated every couple of minutes. I had to wait a few minutes, too, before being able to see the screenshots. I think it was something like 5-10 minutes.