Posts in threads displaying out of order

This is really weird. In some threads on my board, the posts are showing up in the wrong order on the last couple of pages. This isn't happening to all threads, just the two identified below. (It's possible there are more, but they haven't been identified.)
Our data was migrated from IGN Boards earlier this year. We closed our forum down on March 21st to begin the migration, and we opened our new Xenforo board on September 2nd. In these threads, it appears the posts made via Xenforo are being sandwiched in between the newest of the migrated posts on the last couple of pages. Both of these threads were locked because of the issue.

Both of these threads have 200+ pages. We have many other threads just as long or longer that do not have this issue, so this doesn't appear to be a widespread problem across all threads. My thought is this could be some sort of database caching issue.
That is usually caused by a change in the server clock. That can result in a newer post submitted before an older post, time-wise.

Ask your host or server person to fix the server clock. There is no easy way to fix existing out-of-order posts though.
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