Posting Ratings Addon Enhancements


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I am using the popular addon Post Ratings by @Luke Foreman .

I would like this addon to be enhanced as follows:
1) No alerts to be sent out to the poster if someone rated their post negatively.
2) 'View List' of ratings per post to display negative ratings based only on user permissions (going to give this to mods and admins)
3) (Outside of the addon functionality) A parameter be created called "Negative Points per Post Deletion" This should be a integer in the Options for the addon. If a post is deleted, it should carry x amount of negative points towards the user. Usually when a negative rating is given to a post, it carries a value of 1 negative point. So basically if i have the option configured as 5 Negative Points per Post Deletion, if i delete that post, they should get 5 Negative Rating points.

All these options are so that my community becomes self moderating using the current functionality in Post Ratings together with these enhancements.