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Hey there,

So .. I'm looking for an addon to be created (didn't find one in the resource section), that would make tagging a member in the forum a lot easier. The forum service that I use to have made it seamless. For example, when you use the @ sign ... then start typing a couple of letters ... BAM, names would pop up like that. Furthermore, whenever you tried tagging a member in the forum - regardless of uppercase, lowercase, spaces in their name or not, it pulled them up, accordingly.

The way that XF has it (and I could be wrong), but .. you have to be nearly precise with the way that member you are trying to tag - spells it.

I'll use my name as an example: M3 Commish

If you don't know there's a space there, you're going to have a trouble trying to pull it up ... because, @m3c won't do it .. UNLESS, they have their name spelled that way to begin with: m3commish.

I guess what I'm asking for is that an addon be made where uppercase, lowercase and spaces don't affect your search negatively .. because, some may know how to spell their name but may not know there's a space or a captial letter, etc, etc. Xbox Live changed this in the way I'm asking .. because so many gamers were having trouble finding other gamers for missing a space or uppercase, lowercase, etc.

Especially, when you're dealing with a gaming forum where gamertags are predominately used - this would make it SO much easier for members to schedule and tag their opponents for league games.



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XenForo already does case insensitive searching when looking for possible user mentions (aka user tagging). The difference is the stripping of whitespace out of the username.

For best performance, you would actually want to push usernames into Elastic Search (aka the XenForo Enhanced Search), and then do matches based off that as it can then do all other sorts of lexical analysis.
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You are asking for an advanced username search solution, so this needs an advanced search script. i.e. ES or Sphinx. XF Enhanced Search addon already has Elastic Search support.
I think that what you are asking for requires an advanced search solution to be installed on the server.