Fixed  posting image without writing text


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Kier just made a post at which he posted an image only, but he did not write any text into his post.

When looking into the Postings-Tab at Kier´s Profile, there is actually no text visible, as he did not write any text. But I think there should be some kind of information that Kier has posted an image, like "View attachment 1099".

When Kier´s post is getting quoted, it actually says "View attachment 1099", although Kier did not write any text.

Please see 2 Screenshots attached to see what I mean.

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I'm not sure that's a bug as such.

The preview can only show text content if there is some present in the post.


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if they strip bbcodes b4 checking post lenght, we can eliminate blank threads therfore we don't have to check for blank previews
A post with an image but without any text is valid, though (at least in my opinion). So that method wouldn't work. :)


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My members would be able to understand quite easily that a blank preview is a picture. Personally it does not bother me.

edit: I certainly hope if anything changes that there will not be any performance degradation.


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The news feed actually uses a different BB code stripping system--one that's designed for speed--so that is fixed as well now, though it doesn't have as many options available to it, compared to the full text BB code parser used with the thread preview.

Rho Delta

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In the preview it would be nice to have the option to hide the bb tag altogether via the ACP, it makes it look like a bunch of code and isn't very sleek.