Post Ratings - taking likes to the next level [Deleted]

Stuart Wright

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User group promotions aren't working when based on the number of positive post ratings.
This user
is a Novice Member, which is the primary user group for members.

This member *should* have been promoted to Standard Member.
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So in a nutshell, once a member has
  • posted at least 1 message
  • has been registered for at least 1 day
  • has received at least 3 positive post ratings
they get promoted to Standard Member.
The member in question satisfies all those criteria.
but has not been promoted.
I have rebuilt the post ratings cache (which took over 12 hours), user trophies and user promotions.
The user has no entries in the user change log - so they haven't been promoted and later depromoted during the rebuilds.

Checking the database, running SELECT count(*) FROM `xf_liked_content` WHERE `content_user_id` = 742228 returns '21' as expected.
The user promotion settings have not been changed for years and there are other members in the same situation:

How can I diagnose why they are not being promoted?
The fault is clearly because of the positive post ratings part of the process.
I'm using version 1.7.5 on XF 1.5.15.


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@Stuart Wright do you have the "Enable criteria integration" and "Display likes as ratings on user profiles" settings enabled for Post Rating?

Note; this may be caused by another add-on handling criteria incorrectly before. It is very difficult to troubleshoot :(
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Hello, I'm having an issue when trying to load forums/members/?type=positive_ratings it's re-directing me back to /forums/members/ but keeping the forums/members/?type=positive_ratings link, I've tried re-installing the Core files, and updating the plugin internally, I haven't tried a full uninstall/reinstall yet, as I'm not sure if it will reset all the likes etc. We have zero Server Log Errors etc.

Brian M

Yep time to give this the flick .... waste of time and money ... seems to be plenty of new and current stuff for XF2 that hopefully will be much better supported


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I have gone for the fly out one, not the xon one, as my users have always complained about accidentally hitting a like when scrolling on a phone or tablet. The fly out one means this won't happen any more