XF 1.1 Post New Thread Problem

Hi Everyone,

I have just installed XF successfull. But i just noticed that I cannot create a new thread. The Post new thread button opens what look like a title bar for the thread and a other boxes for post a poll.

The Text editing box for the main body of the new thread is not showing.

Please can anyone assist on what i am missing.



Do you get an alert box saying "Load jQuery first" when you click the "Post New Thread?
Try re-uploading the 'upload/js' folder to your server.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Sounds like the WYSIWYG editor isn't loading.

This is usually a javascript problem.

Therefore, there might be some clues in your browser's Developer Tools.

e.g. in Chrome:

Press F12, Click Console and see if any errors are listed.

Possible causes could be files not uploaded properly, faulty add-on, or caching mechanisms and content delivery networks.