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Add-on Post (must) notify selected user


Well-known member
I had this as a mod previously and it was very useful for mod support work.
Now urgently needed to complete new stage of development on one of my communities.
Can pay.

User sees this on a post form in a forum which is enabled for this addon:
Switchboard.jpg The user MUST select a recipient who will get the message as a notification.​
Popup warning to remind if they forget or try to avoid. "You have not selected who is to receive your message. Please do this or your message cannot send. OK."​
Multiple selection OK.​
Confirm popup "You are sending your message to Peter (software). Is that correct? Y/N."​
When I as "Peter" reply my message notifies the user who did the selection.​
Admin option per forum to make the selected forum a Switchboard forum (uses this addon).​
Admin selects list of possible recipient users, and the labels that describe them in brackets. (Please, users by name not by ID!)​
I would also like an admin option to add ALL to the recipient option list. This would notify all listed. But that is not quite as urgent.​
I need this by first few days of January, Jan 4 latest.​