Duplicate without user-selected canonical


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Google tells me that I have 135.000 pages with a redirect; it seems this is not all about whats-new.
There are also a lot of threads with a new name now (we do change the thread titles very often)
What can I do here?

I also have almost 100.000 duplicates without user-selected canonical.
it seems this is all about whats-new.

What can I do here? Tell Google not to index this at all?
Funny, funny, i have proved and found out, that whats-new is set to follow / no index!
Means that Google will have all these links somewhere in my analytics, but not in the index?
So everything is fine?

Somehow I want to hide the whats new for guests and google, but I dont know if it is needed to have my links faster in the index?
New threads are indexed in minutes, i guess. So i dont want to change anything in the system.

But maybe someone knows more about these things?
it has a bug. because when you post anything, it becomes Non-indexable & will be redirected 301 to thread url of that post, which is incorrect in SEO.
it should not redirect but put thread url as canonical & indexable

everyone is getting this error & this must be fixed
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