Post-Ipboard Conversion Formatting Question

Justin Justin

New member
So my colleague recently had purchased a Xenforo licence during your amazing sale last week in hopes of converting his IPboard 3.3.3 over. I let him be the guinea pig as I have been interested in XF for awhile but was too cowardly to give it a go myself.

From my understanding it was a smooth transition and conversion and everything worked perfectly. Members logged in and all that good stuff.

His only issue that he had with the conversion was the fact that post conversion, the text formatting on his new xenforo forum was horrid looking. Members used special formatting such as colored text, bolding, increasing text size while the forum was on Ipboard....once he converted over to XF, all that formatting was lost and he ended up with a wall of text, coding and weird symbols.

<blockquote class="ipsBlockquote" data-author="OnewFan" data-cid="205788" data-time="1363212957"><p>I think it is awesome that he wants to actually go back to school at his age and attempt to get his diploma. He has had a hard life and I can respect a man who wants to finish high school. Finish what he started. </p></blockquote>
<p>well said :)</p>

He has since just continued using Ipboard since he said that he hated the forum looking like that and he intends to use his licence for a newer project.

For me though, I missed the sale so I'll have to buy my licence at full price but I want to make sure that if I convert my own forum over(Which uses Ipboard 3.4) stuff like that block of text above won't happen and if it does is it something that can be easily fixed?

I even gave him a copy of my site to try converting over and he said it did the same thing it did with his.

So before I spend 300 bucks on two licenses for separate softwares, is this something that is easily fixed/rectified?

I'm looking at VB5 and Xenforo as I actually do like VB5 and Xenforo both