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I am looking for a VERY LIMITED number experienced admins who test the Xenforo Post Cache addon. The license is just for you, you are not allowed to distribute the product at all. You will get the addon if you would be so nice to give me that in return within 24 hours:

1. report (bug) issues with the product
2. measure the speed difference with using the product and without using the product right in this thread. Please also state the server configuration (APC, memcache, ...).
3. optional: give future ideas about how to make the product better

Please sent me your email address so I can send you the product.

About the product. There is an option in ACP > posts about removing the posts in the cache. I disabled it by putting a 0 as value there. There are no other options. Just disable/uninstall it and its gone. The first time you visit a thread it adds queries to insert the posts into the cache. When posts are in the cache, no queries are added. This addon is not about removing queries but about speeding up things on PHP side as the posts are not rendered each time they are displayed. They are rendered once, put in post cache database. Each time xenforo then displayes these cached posts, it just fetches them from the database.

Detailled description.

For the first time a post is displayed the post is going into the post cache database table. All posts that are displayed at one page are stored in once. That takes a query. As an example: On a thread page there are 15 posts. 15 posts will be stored in the database with one query.

Each time when you visit a thread page the Addon will take a look into the post cache database table. If all posts are already there, they are displayed directly - without going through the expensive rendering process. If some posts are not in the post cache, they go through the usual rendering process.

So the first time it will be a bit (!) slower. All other times you will notice a speed difference.


If you have a thread with 20 pages. And on each page you display 15 posts. Then if you visit page 3 for the first time, one additional query will cache the posts 45-60. If anyone visits the page 3 again at a later date, no additional query will be executed. Instead the posts 45-60 will be taken from the post cache and will be directly displayed - without going through the expensive xenforo rendering process where every one post will be rendered one after one.

Adam Howard

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I can test this on both a stock test site and our home site with over 300+ modifications.

Switch between php 5.3 and php 5.4

I'm using mostly using File Cache which is often over looked by some, so this would be good to see how that works. On localhost though I can test APC and Memcache

Apache2 and LightSpeed as well. Both Debian and Cloud Linux (CentOS).

Adam Howard

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I've noticed an odd improvement. And want to know if anyone else who is testing this can confirm.

Search is faster. Not just search per say, but even viewing the "who is online" page seems to load smoothly.

Rebuild your search cache and it also was quicker.

I do not know if this is because of this modification directly or something else interacting with it.

I need someone else to confirm.

Adam Howard

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Over 24 hours later

Small thread (6 post, 1 page)

Page Time: 0.4451s
Memory: 19.2576 MB (Peak: 20.3083 MB)
Queries (17, time: 0.0121s, 2.7%)

Large thread (370 post, 19 pages)

Page Time: 0.7161s
Memory: 19.5190 MB (Peak: 20.8748 MB)
Queries (17, time: 0.0174s, 2.4%)

So the numbers seem to suggest that upon first installing this... You're going to get hit hard on performance in that it will remove some queries, but add to your page time.

But after the system caches everything, you'll not only recover, but also have an improvement.

So this works, but it takes awhile for the effect to show. ..... No one else seemed to have reported the search improvement, which I did notice right away and the numbers for that also improved. I have no idea as to why.

Adam Howard

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Thanks, I did get numbers from one tester but I want to ask him first before I can publish his data here.
The big selling point on this isn't exactly the page load time. It seems to be that it does remove some database queries which in the end will improve server load. It also seems to improve search speed... Which I'm not exactly sure why, but I'll take it.


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If someone is interested in the product, contact me. Thanks!
Interested but need a few more infos:
  • Who was the programmer? A reputable one?
  • Is there a way to build the cache from the ACP instead of waiting for it to build itself when posts are viewed?
  • For large boards with millions of posts, is there a built in automatic which removes very old posts? Otherwise all posts will finally end up in the cache which is probably not needed?