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XF 1.3 Possible to get rid of post id at the end of title


Well-known member
I don't think so, no. Plus, the ID is what's important. What if there are two threads called Frequently Asked Questions?
It would be nice to have a plugin like that or include as as the main function. I know wordpress and some of the other forum that I used to work with offer the title link as the basic function.

Mr Lucky

Well-known member
For me it's on the list of what would be nice rather than something I worry about. Keeping URLs simple and clean for me is most useful when I am giving it out on the phone. If the trade off meant the forum was slower or there was more to go wrong or one more factor to take into account when trouble shooting then I'll stick with the numbers.

Besides if browsers follow Google Chrome, they may all be going the way of Safari iOS and no longer displaying the URL.