Possible Security Vulnerability with Adobe Flash

This is why I don't have flash Installed. Some days I don't miss firefox, other days I realize I still have to test with it lol. Not that I trust the sandbox all that much.
Hopefully Adobe patches it soon. However, I don't think it's exclusive to Firefox. All browsers use Flash.

Although everything really just needs to be switched to HTML5. YouTube still has Flash in some areas, but has HTML5 almost everywhere, such as its video player.
firefox and facebook have just thrown flash into the grave.

Adobe Flash, the much-loathed, bug-plagued relic of a browser plugin, just got a big nail driven into its coffin.
Mozilla blocked Flash by default in its Firefox browser late Monday night, a day after Facebook's (FB, Tech30) security chief called for Adobe to kill Flash once and for all.

The Flash-bashing picked up last week after revelations that the spyware giant known as the Hacking Team had been using Flash to remotely take over people's computers and infect them with malware. (That discovery took place after the Hacking Team was itself hacked. Documents revealed in the breach showed that the Hacking Team exploited two critical vulnerabilities in Flash's code.)

"It is time for Adobe to announce the end-of-life date for Flash," tweeted Facebook security chief Alex Stamos on Sunday.

Mozilla's support chief Mark Schmidt quickly followed suit by tweeting that all versions of Flash had been turned off in Firefox. That means Firefox users will not be able to turn on the plug-in to access Flash content -- they'll have to seek out another browser if they need to use Flash.

Firefox blocks Flash, and Facebook calls for its death
Mozilla blocked Flash by default in its Firefox browser late Monday night
Not anymore:
Mozilla isn’t taking any chances after the discovery that Hacking Team, the recently breached surveillance software maker, had three working exploits for Adobe Flash. The open source organization decided to block all versions of the Flash Player plugin up to version on Windows. Mozilla said Flash would remain on the Firefox blocklist until Adobe fixes all known vulnerabilities.

Since that decision was made, however, Adobe appears to have updated its Flash player to version .209, which is not blocked.
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