Not a bug  possible member database issue

I blew my first registrations attempt and the process failed. When I attempted to repeat it, my yahoo email was refused as 'already in use.' On the surface it appears that the email address was captured but the balance of the registration as <limbic9> failed.

In response, please provide an Internet email address and I'll ask, through that mailbox, for a deletion of my botched data. Then I'll re-register. And we can kill this address.

Tks ... scratch00
Did you try to reset your password on the in-use email address?
Yes. Password reset tried on Friday and again Monday evening. In both instances, password was to be sent but never made it. Spam folder at yahoo checked both times.

Also, this evening I tried to establish a new account at the yahoo address and it was refused as the 'email address' was already in use. Perhaps email address is the database with no pointer to an existing user name or password.


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You registered as "limbic9a", just so you know. :)

I have removed the user and you can try again if you want, or I can change your name if you PM me.