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I ran a forum years back that I shut down when transferring to a different forum software, I found the old sql database files, I cant remember if I was running phpbb or smf... is there a way to recover the database and merge it with my current forum or at least see the data on the old forum sql database?
You should be able to run the importer on it and merge it with your exisitng threads. (though you may need to update it to a more modern version depending how old it is)
If I am able to find the old version it was on, how do you go about loading an old sql database? Use an importer?

Figuring out what software it was is pretty easy. You can recognize from its table names for example.

Anyway, download the latest version of whatever software it is, install it, restore the backup and then run the upgrader so it can bring the db up to date with the files. Then convert it to xenforo, Easy peasy :D
What kind of files is it you have?
I have the folder structure that was downloaded as a copy via FTP, its not like a backup file or anything. The sql database seems to be there, the picture folder for attachments seems to have gotten deleted though. :(
Then I assume it is a mysql database and you should be able to just drop the files into your mysql server data folder as a new folder and access it from the phpmyadmin or similair after a mysql service restart.

The pictures are not usally stored in the sql tables. They are usually only referenced in the sql tables and stored in a normal folder on the server.
If you have:

A) The domain name you used for the site....

B) The exact time it was installed or upgraded.

Go to www.archive.org, do a search for your [old] site, and look at the version number.....

Install that version on a subdirectory of your site or another domain name you own... Drop all of your MYSQL in the same database as this "install." Then, from there, check things out here and there, make your changes, and then upgrade.

From there, import to xenForo! :)
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