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I am planning on purchasing Xenforo tonight or tomorrow. At the moment I'm skinning xenforo in the test area and getting the design right for my website - I'm being prudent as I want to make sure I can skin it properly before clicking the buy link :)

I've solved a few problems I run into though I am still having a little difficulty with some other things - nothing major though.

I would really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction with these issues as I'm stumped!

Problem 1

In order to blend the forum with my WordPress site, I need to integrate the header. I've managed to do this ok and I've got it (mostly) the way I want.

I've noticed a problem when I add content above the navigation files. For example. If I place a division at the top of the navigation template to create a space of 30 pixels (e.g. .spacer{clear:both;height:30px;}) the following happens

  • The navigation menu moves down 30 pixels as it should
  • The forum tables/list move down 30 pixels
  • The breadcrumb remains in the same position
  • The sidebar remains in the same position
You can see the problem here:

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

Problem 2

I've set an image header under Style Properties: Header and Navigation: Header. That displays correctly.

On my main site I also have a wrapper image around my header for the background - a small image that blends the top of the page from grey down to white. Without this wrapper the main header image looks out of place.

For some reason, I can't get the wrapper to work. I've placed the correct code in extras.css and placed the wrapper division before the header ID but nothing shows. I also tried placing it in the page_container template but that doesn't seem to work either.

How can I resolve this?




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I resolved problem 1. I just had to set a top margin for the content class. Don't know how I missed it before.

Still having issues with the second problem I noted. Should I raise the design questions I have after I purchased Xenforo in the appropriate forum room (i.e. not the pre sales discussion room).


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A lot of moving bits about can be done in a template called EXTRA.css
This clever system means it is set to override other templates. I've been learning how to put in bits of css in EXTRA.css like the margins to move things around.
You're probably much better than me at the css as my html is very oldfashioned. But there are lots of helpful people here whatever level you're on. Plus some excellent add-ons like portals, and a wiki, gallery, blogs etc.

I'd suggest posting in the specific forum yes, if you can access it as a non owner. It'll get more relevant attention that way though pre-sales is very good too.

What I chose to do is design everything in a test install keeping a careful log of what I do.
I plan to have the two sites open side by side and just copy the changes over from the templates on the test to the active version. Then upload the images from my local test folder to the active directory.
But I have the added complication of a VB import to do. Crossing fingers.


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Thanks for replying Shan.

Yeah I've been using the extra.css template a lot for my custom css code.

I spent all day yesterday trying to design the skin so that it matched my blog. Once I got close to it being right I exported it from the test area, clicked the buy button and then imported it to my own forum. It worked perfectly. It's not launched yet so I can work on it for another few days before launching.

Good luck with the VB import.