A little help with my breadcrumb and forum node numbers


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Just moves a million posts to XF and the live forum is going well other than a few little problems and questions:

1. Firstly, I have a double breadcrumb
forums forums
as you can see in the enclosed screen shot. I didn't have this on my test forums - but I forgot how to set it, etc.

2. Secondly, I think my nodes are not being numbered correctly - I've been having a problem defining ads using forum nodes (will post this separately) - but note in the screenshot provided the print by the top left logo "print 6" - that is the node.
However, at the bottom of the screenshot in the URL mouseover display it says:
Is this correct?
(edit - I think this is correct - 4 is the category obviously!)........

Forum location is http://www.hearth.com/talk



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The second Forums is the name of the category.
Change it to something else.

As above, the Forums is the category so the node ID of that is 4.

The last crumb of the breadcrumb is the parent of the node (forum) you are currently in.