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I wanted to find the VERY popular BBCode pack in the Resource Manager.
I title searched for bbcodes [LINK - click here and then click the search button].

Here is page 1.


Bitcoin BBCode has zero updates, no ratings, and 28 downloads. https://xenforo.com/community/resources/bitcoin-bbcode.4521/

FYI the addon is buried on Page 3 !

Why are the search results so poor ? Most people searching the RM for "bbcode" are looking for Joshyphp's addon.
It seems like the date the addon is released plays too important a role ? (newer is better)
It also seems that number of ratings, number of updates, downloads, and number of positive reviews has no bearing on the search results ?
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I tried to give you some detailed information about how poor your addon ranks in Xenforo searches.
But I guess it was deemed off topic and deleted.

PM me for details / suggestions.


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Searching everything, keyword bbcode pack, Search in forums: Xenforo Resources., child forums as well, Most recent, I get 3 results. Seems to work fine here. Untick titles only and I get pages of results for the bbcodes pack.
The problem is that as far as search is concerned; a resource is a resource update. This means updates are more likely to be returned than the original resource, since updates will always be newer despite being a poorer match despite common search patterns.
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