XF 2.2 Why is the term Xenforo after all search results in google?


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Anyone know why Xenforo appears on google after all pages in cloud

I will be switching to my new permanent URL soon and I am wondering why - Xenforo is appearing after all my search results.

Will that change once I set my custom domain for this site?

Is it part of all cloud installations or can I edit it in settings somewhere.
Should not say Xenforo, imagine it as a business site which is what it will becomes soon.

Other than the Copyright at the bottom which is pay removal the rest should be white label.

I'm pretty sure that is a setting somewhere to remove that.
I figured it out....

I have all the basic settings the same on the two sites, the only difference is the community.forum domain so I bet that as soon as I attach my custom domain that will go away.

I have that set to happen July 1st so after that I can see when new topics index to see if the tag is behind the title.

If I were to lay odds I would say probably not.
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