Poll: What will the abbreviation of Private Conversation be? :)

What will the abbreviation of Private Conversation be? :)

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Since the abbreviation for Private Message is PM, I was thinking, what would the abbreviation for Private Conversation be? 'PC' is Personal Computer, so let's see what we think :)

Feel free to choose, I'm going for 'Convo'


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Initials can mean several things, it's just the context in which they're spoken about that identifies what they refer to. I see no problem with using PC.


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PM will still work, you effectively receive a message (from the conversation) and not the conversation.

I will continue to use PC though, it just goes to show how advanced XF is compared to the old software that still uses PM systems *walks away with nose in the air* :cool:


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If I say, "I sent you a PC," I'd hope you know that I sent you a message, not a personal computer. :p

I have a feeling that common forum-goers (aside from those of us who are seasoned administrators) will use the term PM regardless of what it's called in XenForo.


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Yeah, I don't think I'd use PC even if it was the standard, whenever I see PC to me for many many years it has just been Personal Computer, the opposite of a Mac. ;P