XF 1.5 Poll results didn't import properly from vB, some users can't vote despite permission


The import from vB seems to have mostly gone okay. The polls are visible, but the former results from the vB days aren't showing up in the vote totals at first… That is, it will show the totals of the votes cast after the move to XenForo, but when you click on that it will show the full list of people who voted for that option, both before and after the move. Also, at least one member says he's getting the "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action." error, even though his usergroup has permission to vote on polls and at least two other people have been able to vote.


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First, run the "Rebuild Poll Information" cache rebuild. If that doesn't help, can you show screenshots of what you're referring to?

As for the permission issue, please use the "analyze permissions" tool to determine the specific permission settings for that user (in that forum).