XF 1.2 Plugins not displaying on one node


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Having an issue here with plugins not displaying on a node. We have two seperate forums, off topic and on topic, the one forum displays these plugins fine, granted in the wrong positions on the page, the other node will not display them at all, and I cannot seem to figure out the issue why. As far as permissions goes everything appears to be correct for them to be visible on the node they are not displaying in.


Any ideas as to why this would happen? Should i just make a new node and move all of the posts to the new node and delete the old one? Also, how do I go about moving the users who have viewed this thread BELOW the users currently viewing thread box. Both of these plugins have been EOL for some time now and there is no one else that supports them as far as I know.
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You will need to ask in the add-on resource discussion threads.

We can't provide support for third party add-ons.